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Below are exerts from Testimonials about the Bionetics Hair Test

After 10 days he began to feel some improvement, and by the end of the course was back at work after 5 months of being unable to do hardly anything! Thank you so very, very much - we are delighted.*

Ann - Dorset

I must say that I have been extremely pleased with the outcome so far and have recommended yourselves to several people."*

Carole - Devon

I can now plan things in advance and expect to be able to carry them through. *

Lisa - Berkshire

"After only two weeks of following the results of her hair test Victoria's Eczema has completely gone and now after a month or so her skin condition is so much better."*

Margaret - Midlands

My consultant is amazed and quite frankly so am I. My PSA score is down for the 3rd time! *

Don - Bucks

Since I found Bionetics I haven't looked back - the first month was hard as it involved a whole dietary life change,  but now I have energy and enthusiasm (my spark has returned), my weight has stabilised*

Bart - Berks

Dear Bionetics

I am writing to say a big thank you for getting my 'good health' back. People actually remark how well I look and how I have lost weight. This test is remarkable and everyone should have it done.*

Rosemary - Essex

I am feeling so much better and cannot believe how much my immune system
has improved. That's almost 3 months without a virus, which is a huge
achievement. My energy levels have also increased which is great. I actually
feel as if I have slept when I get up in the morning, which is a revelation!*

Claire - Aberdeen

medical conditions
*Disclaimer: The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness or condition. The programs are based around dietary and nutritional programs designed to support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.
FREE 15 minute phone consultation with every Bionetics Test – we have extended this offer for the foreseeable future due to the positive feedback received from our customers. Thank you.

Constipation – are you suffering?

Constipation is one of the most common afflictions in the UK and one that blights the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  Did you know most disease-causing toxins enter the body through the intestines?  A normal bowel transit time is 12 – 18 hours, but in Western countries, this average’s at 35 hours, which has led to an increase in widespread illness as a result of toxic build-up in the body.

Digestive health is a serious problem and improved digestion is fundamental to good health.

Constipation can be caused by a number of factors including dehydration, diet, nutrition and gut pathogens being the most common. Often it is a combination of these factors which has upset the body’s digestive ability and your priority should be to discover the underlying cause and deal with it.

Modern medicine tends to deal with heart and joint health first and foremost but these factors have often come about as a direct result of poor diet and digestion over a lifetime.

At Bionetics we adopt a comprehensive approach to constipation by assessing the dietary, nutritional and gut pathogenic factors that may be stopping normal digestive transit. We then recommend the actions and products that you need to correct those imbalances and help to restore a healthy digestive tract and relief from constipation.

For example: lack of magnesium may be stopping the physical action of the gut or Candida may be taking over and stopping normal digestive function.

How does the Bionetics Scan work?

We use samples of hair to carry out our scanning. Hair has become a very important factor in forensic and complementary medical science due to its ability to store information about an individual. Although relatively new when compared to more conventional blood, stool, urine and saliva screening, hair scanning is proving to be a popular, non-invasive and cost effective alternative to normal tests.

The screening technology uses Bio-Field Resonance Analysis to build up a picture of the dietary, pathogenic, toxic and nutritional imbalances which could be affecting an individual’s health. This information is used to generate a personal health plan with advice about the actions and products that will help to correct the imbalances.

You simply need to follow the online instructions in order to download an application that you send to our Testing Centre along with your hair samples for analysis. The results are available online or via post within 7 days of the receipt of your application.

How does it compare to other tests?

There is no other test which directly compares to the Bionetics Test and the factors it covers for 1 affordable payment of £59.95.

Most standard food intolerances tests work by identifying key immune system markers like IgG and IgE and cost between £150 -£300 for a similar number of foods. However, these tests do not include pathogenic, toxic and nutritional influences, which we feel are equally important.

There are a number of tests which can be used to asses gut pathogens but these usually require stool samples and can be expensive.

Test accuracy is a big issue and one over which no single product can claim an outright advantage. Often, the tests are measuring slightly different markers, which, makes direct comparison very difficult. Also, many conventional tests or procedures simply fail to pick up common digestive problems caused by Candida, for example. Even blood samples are not entirely accurate,

Our advice is to do your research well and do select the test or procedure which you feel most comfortable with and that fits your budget and time constraints.

What our customers say

“I had suffered with constipation throughout my adult life.  It is fair to say it affected my lifestyle as I was often in pain and I felt continually sluggish.  Since completing the Bionetics Test and follow up program, I have become a changed woman!  I am now having 1 to 3 bowel movements everyday and have so much energy!  My tummy is much flatter too and my skin is clearer.”

Clare Clark - Surrey

Ordering your Bionetics Test Today!

Don’t forget taking the bionetics hair test is easy, non-invasive and affordable and could provide you with the answers to help you overcome your constipation.

In fact the bionetics hair test probably represents the best ‘value for money’ health test available in the market today. It covers many of the major illness causing factors at a fraction of the cost and in a half the time of many other tests.

The Bionetics Test – £59.95 includes (+ FREE 15 Minute phone consultation to 31.03.09)

  • Comprehensive Hair Test including 115 foods + pathogens, toxins and nutrients
  • Personal 9-page Results Report
  • 24-page health guide ‘Free of charge’
  • Online and postal results service available
  • £3.00 extra for 1st class postal results service (£62.95 Inc Post)
  • 7-day results turn-around

FREE Consultation

When you order your Bionetics Test you will receive a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with one of our advisors. Details of how to book your consultation will be sent to you along with the results of your Bionetics Test.

General explanations regarding your test results will be given freely on the phone by one of our advisers or in response to your email to our customer service team.  The answers to the most common questions can often be found in the bionetics health guide. The health guide can be downloaded from the site once you have completed and paid for an online application. If you pay by cheque with your application then details of how to login and download the health guide will be sent with your results.

To order The Bionetics Test click here or call 0845 456 0570 for an information pack

If you would like to talk to one of our advisers or if you require an application from sent to you in the post then please call us on: 0845 456 0570.

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*The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness or condition. The programs are based around dietary and nutritional programs designed to support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.

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