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Below are exerts from Testimonials about the Bionetics Hair Test

After 10 days he began to feel some improvement, and by the end of the course was back at work after 5 months of being unable to do hardly anything! Thank you so very, very much - we are delighted.*

Ann - Dorset

I must say that I have been extremely pleased with the outcome so far and have recommended yourselves to several people."*

Carole - Devon

I can now plan things in advance and expect to be able to carry them through. *

Lisa - Berkshire

"After only two weeks of following the results of her hair test Victoria's Eczema has completely gone and now after a month or so her skin condition is so much better."*

Margaret - Midlands

My consultant is amazed and quite frankly so am I. My PSA score is down for the 3rd time! *

Don - Bucks

Since I found Bionetics I haven't looked back - the first month was hard as it involved a whole dietary life change,  but now I have energy and enthusiasm (my spark has returned), my weight has stabilised*

Bart - Berks

Dear Bionetics

I am writing to say a big thank you for getting my 'good health' back. People actually remark how well I look and how I have lost weight. This test is remarkable and everyone should have it done.*

Rosemary - Essex

I am feeling so much better and cannot believe how much my immune system
has improved. That's almost 3 months without a virus, which is a huge
achievement. My energy levels have also increased which is great. I actually
feel as if I have slept when I get up in the morning, which is a revelation!*

Claire - Aberdeen

medical conditions
*Disclaimer: The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness or condition. The programs are based around dietary and nutritional programs designed to support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.
FREE 15 minute phone consultation with every Bionetics Test – we have extended this offer for the foreseeable future due to the positive feedback received from our customers. Thank you.


Cellulitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue underneath the surface of the skin.  (Cellulitis is unrelated to ‘cellulite’, which is a cosmetic condition featuring dimpling of the skin.)

The condition is characterized by redness, swelling, warmth, and pain or tenderness in the area of infected skin.  Symptoms can include fever or chills, headaches, irritability, loss of appetitte, nausea or vomiting and swollen lymph nodes.  In advanced cases red streaks may be seen around the infection site.

Causes of Cellulitis

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is extremely vulnerable to exposure to certain bacteria, viruses, yeasts and parasites.  There are a number of types of bacteria that can enter the skin and cause cellulitis, usually on or around the face, arms or legs. Bacterial such as Group A streptococcus and staphylococcus (part of the normal flora of the skin) may enter the skin in places where it is already broken.  Common examples include following an insect bite, animal bite, severe rash, skin surgery, athlete’s foot, cracking from lack of moisture, eczema sites, burns and boils.

Modern living, excessive or prolonged medications (e.g. antibiotics), ingestion of toxins, stress, poor mental health and an insufficient diet are all further underlying causative agents.  The most common of these is insufficient diet and a lack of essential nutrition…

A diet rich in processed foods and deficient on vital nutrients affects biochemical processes inside our cells.  This in turn affects digestion and prevents natural detoxification.  As the skin is one of the main organs of the detoxification process, an inability in this area builds toxins under the skin and causes skin problems, such as cellulites.

Other health problems such as diabetes, an upper respiratory tract infection, or an impaired circulation are all common influences for contraction.  The elderly are especially at risk.

The Bionetics solution

If it were possible for you to be made aware of your individual weaknesses you would be able to take steps to protect your body’s natural processes and help prevent/heal illness…

At Bionetics we have developed an innovative new diagnostic test that can identify the factors impacting on YOUR personal health and provide you with the ability to take charge of your life and achieve your best level of health. 

How the test works

The Bionetics test requires you to send us just a few strands of your hair.

The root of your hair stores information relating to your body’s chemistry and energy. This information is held in the form of energy patterns or ‘signatures’. These very subtle energy patterns consist of the hundreds of natural elements that make up and affect your body processes. 

At the Bionetics laboratory your hair is scanned by a very sensitive electronic machine.  This machine captures the energy patterns that represent your unique personal data. Your data is then processed by a powerful computer program, which compares your readings with established averages to highlight your personal problem areas. Your data is then processed again to identify solutions that have previously proven effective for your personal set of conditions.

The results

Once completed, your test results are reviewed by a qualified practitioner who will provide a full written report advising on steps you can take to improve your state of health.

The information gained from this test will enable your Bionetics practitioner to create an action plan specific to you.  From here you can begin to adapt your health regime and rebuild your natural defences to speed up your body’s healing processes.

Your test results will include advice on personal food intolerances (and a list of foods to avoid), nutritional and dietary recommendations to combat deficiencies and malnutrition, guidance on how to reduce acidity and rebalance your natural body pH, and details of herbs and homeopathic solutions that could help purge toxic and pathogenic accumulations, increase nutrient absorption and create the correct probiotic environment for your body.

Ordering your test

Don’t forget taking the bionetics hair test is easy, non-invasive and affordable and could provide you with the solution to help you overcome your condition and improve your wellbeing.

In fact the bionetics hair test probably represents the best ‘value for money’ health test available in the market today. It covers most of the major illness causing factors at a fraction of the cost and in a half the time of many other tests.

Hair Testing Service – £48 includes

  • Comprehensive Hair Test and Personal 8-page Results Report
  • 18-page health guide ‘Free of charge’
  • Online and postal results service available
  • £3 extra for 1st class postal results service (£51 Inc Post)
  • 7-day results turn-around

General explanations regarding your test results will be given freely on the phone by one of our advisers or in response to your email to our customer service team.  The answers to the most common questions can often be found in the bionetics health guide. The health guide can be downloaded from the site once you have completed and paid for an online application. If you pay by cheque with your application then details of how to login and download the health guide will be sent with your results.

To order a Hair Test click here or call 0845 456 0570 for an information pack

Hair Testing Service + Consultation – £78 includes

  • Comprehensive Hair Test and 8-page Personal Results Report
  • 18-page health guide via 1st Class post
  • Copy of your results report via 1st Class post
  • 7-day results turn-around
  • 30 minute, personal, one to one phone consultation with a qualified practitioner

Take advantage of our hair test plus consultation option for only £78. Not only do you get the comprehensive hair test and results report but now you have the support of a qualified practitioner to help you understand and implement the findings. The 30 minute, personal, one to one phone consultation gives you the ideal opportunity to evaluate your health with a qualified professional at a convenient time for you and in the comfort of your own home.  Following your consultation your practitioner will also provide you with details of the tailor made herbal and homeopathic remedy needed to help your body deal with the specific factors identified in your hair test.

You can book your preferred times online and you will be contacted by a practitioner as soon as your test has been completed and sent to you.

To order the Hair Test + Consultation click here or call 0845 456 0570 for an information pack

Practitioner Consultations - £39

You can book a 30 minute, one to one phone consultation at any time you feel that you need some extra support with your healthcare for just £39.

To order a Consultation click here or call 0845 456 0570 to book on over the phone

Discounts for friends and family members

We often find that people want to recommend our service to friends and family members. Well now we've made it even easier by discounting additional tests for friends and family members when one person orders a full paying test or test and consultation.

You can add as many additional tests to your application as you like for just £40 for the hair test and £68 for the test + consultation. Follow the online instructions when ordering your own test or call us on 0845 456 0570 for further information.


If you would like to talk to one of our advisers, or if you require an application form to be sent to you in the post, please call us on: 0845 456 0570.

The Bionetics Team

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*The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness or condition. The programs are based around dietary and nutritional programs designed to support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.

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