Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and maintain natural good health…

BUT, a combination of nutritional deficiencies, and stress factors including food intolerances, can hinder the process, and weaken the body's natural defensive system, allowing illness to flourish.

We can help you identify the problem areas, and the action you need to take to rebuild your natural defences.

Bionetics has developed a unique electronic testing process that analyses a sample of your hair (checking for more than 500 different stresses and nutrients).

You receive a personal written report. It identifies your individual stress factors such as- food intolerances, toxins and infections and the nutritional deficiencies which combine to weaken the body's defensive system. It provides you with advice as to the action that you should take that will help you restore your body's natural ability to defend itself.

"I felt there was improvement in my energy level and general wellbeing. By the end of the programme I felt a huge improvement and have lost a stone" Lisa - Berkshire (ME sufferer)

Medical conditions

"Conditions" labels are an easy way to group together people showing similar symptoms. The reality is that the name the condition is given is simply that, a name, it does little to explain the underlying cause of the problem, or the individual set of symptoms being suffered by each client.

At bionetics we do not diagnose, treat or cure conditions, but simply refer to them as an easy way to demonstrate the types of illnesses that our clients have been able to overcome.

Below is a list of these that we regularly see in clients who use our hair testing service. For further information you can click on the links below to access the specific pages where available.

Whatever your condition or symptoms, we will be able to help you. All of the conditions listed below are a direct consequence of the body's inability to deal with long-term stress. By reducing the stress burden and meeting the body's micro-nutrient requirements, balance can be restored and with it good health.

Digestion - IBS, IBD, Crohn's Disease, Chronic Heartburn, Hiatus, Colitis
Cardio-vascular - heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes
Infections - colds, flu, urinary, chest and bowel, HIV/AIDS
Pathogens- Fungus (Candida), parasites, virus, post virus, bacteria
Neurological - Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and the dementias, ADHD, autism and dyslexia
Skin - psoriasis, eczema, acne and rashes
Respiratory - asthma and bronchitis
Musculo-skeletal - arthritis, myalgia, spondylosis and spondilitis
Cancer - any type
Fatigue - ME/Chronic Fatigue
Depression - depression, anxiety, panic attacks
Sports - performance, recurring injuries
Liver - detoxification, gallstones
Sleep - insomnia
Pain - back, neck, joints, head, stomach
Eye - glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration
Other - conditions not on this list

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Thank you for visiting our practitioners pages.

At bionetics our guiding philosophy is based on our belief that the body has a natural ability to heal itself and maintain good health. We believe that the best way to combat ill health is to harness and support this innate ability.

To this end, we have developed a testing system to help identify underlying problems, and have created a portfolio of naturally pure products, that can help the body defend and heal itself and maintain natural good health.

Unfortunately our natural defence systems and controlling mechanisms can be inhibited by a number of everyday factors, including nutritional shortages, invasive pathogens, accumulation of toxins in the body, food intolerances and poor diet etc.

These primary stress factors can lead to a host of secondary issues like a weakened immune system, loss of enzyme function, poor gut performance and over acidity. All of these factors inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal and defend. Eventually the body’s resources are stretched to the limit and things start to go wrong.

When this happens, we become ill!

These facts have been well documented and long understood by the complementary medical community, but until now there has been no easy way to pinpoint the particular set of factors that are affecting each individual.

That is why we developed the bionetics hair test.  This cost effective new test, helps clients and practitioners gain a better understanding of the background factors that are inhibiting their good health.

A few strands of hair, is all that is required to conduct the test. A very sensitive machine at the bionetics laboratory scans the energy stored naturally in the root of the hair. This scan captures the very subtle energy patterns or ‘signatures’ of the biological and chemical processes that are unique to each individual. This data is then processed by computer, which compares your readings with established averages to highlight potential problem areas.  This same data is processed again to ascertain the best nutritional products, herbs and homeopathy required to eliminate those factors stressing and inhibiting the body’s natural processes.  A written report accompanies the results of each test.

Bionetics products have been carefully selected to help support the body’s natural processes. The range includes the most bioavailable pure nutrients, organic superfoods and NanoCal a potent alkaliser (100 times more efficient than coral calcium).

We run a practitioner affiliate program for both hair tests and products, which utilises our online management system. This allows practitioners to have access to their client’s results and monitor test progress.

Helen Goodwin ND - Naturopath from Brighton

"If you are interested in getting to the root of your client's problem, then I recommend you include the Bionetics hair analysis as a part of your practice. The test helps you to identify and treat the underlying causes of your client's disease and not merely the symptoms. Treating at this deep level creates effective and lasting results.

For more information about our affiliate program and to register for a trial of the hair testing service please click here and fill in the enquiry form selecting to register as a practitioner. Once completed a practitioner information pack will be forwarded to you.

Or for further information please call: 0845 456 0570
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